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There’s no shortage of careers advice out there. Everyone  has something to share, a story to tell, an anecdote … that’s about 10 years out of date. You need up-to-date, reliable advice.

I’ve compiled some of my favourite resources and go to websites to help you get the answers you need.

Search and compare thousands of courses from institutions across Australia

Course Seeker

Information regarding financing tertiary study

StudyAssist provides information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study.

Here’s where you apply for most universities in NSW

University Admissions Centre

University Admissions Centre gives you a step by step guide here:  Step by step guide to apply

Also info on Educational Access Scheme, Schools Recommendation Scheme and more. PLUS info for parents.

Watch out for unis who offer apply direct.

University of Notre Dame

Avondale College

Excelsia College Sydney 

And you might be interested in some of the University degrees offered by TAFE. 

Many private colleges have degree programs and pathways to university too.

Apply for uni around Australia

NSW & ACT Universities Admissions Centre

QLD Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre

SA & NT South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre

TAS University of Tasmania

VIC Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre

WA Tertiary Institutions Service Centre

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Offered through TAFE colleges and private institutions, VET courses are based on teaching workplace skills. There’s been a lot of changes over the past few years so do a thorough check of the college and the course before you enrol.

TAFE NSW continues to offer workplace skills training

Excellent websites for skilled work options

SkillsOne – hundreds of videos about getting a trade or a skill

Skills Road – advice, resources, and a job board

The Australian Government has set up the My Skills website to help you choose the course that is right for you. A really useful place to learn more about work trends for the future.

Some of the best advice for school leavers is found at Youth Central. It’s a Victorian website that features excellent advice for young people on a range of topics PLUS their career section will help school leavers make a great start.

Youth Central

For advice on apprenticeships:         Information about apprenticeships                               Details about apprenticeships                            Find a relevant group training company

Job seeking:

Online with major retail employers

Local Facebook job search pages

Use your network and ask people who know people

Online at Seek, CareerOne, Jora, Spot Jobs

For great advice on preparing for your interview – Youth Central 

For when you’re thinking more deeply about future career options.

  • Labour market information from the Australian government

Job Outlook

  • Links to best practice and advice

My Future Career Insight – written by industry leaders

Including some by me:

Volunteering: Say yes to your next career opportunity

Graduate progams: Give yourself a head start

10 tips to help you build a successful creative career

  • Career profile tools I use:

Morrisby Online

My Career Match

Truity: Personality and Career tests 

Contact me to purchase an access code.

  • Free to use

Values and Character assessment including Youth and Adult – VIA Institute on Character

  • Get your thoughts down on paper with my Big Questions, Big Dreams question sheet. Use the form below to request BIG DREAMS.
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Foundation of Young Australians has recently published a series on future work. High recommended to you.

Careers & Enterprise Company are also sharing really interesting research on their work. Again, high recommended to you.

For Millenials (actually people of all ages) Adam Smiley Poswolsky

And one more thinker I love, Brad Montague. Creator of Kid President and Montague Workshop. He leads with, “Join the joyful rebellion”. I am there!