May 10
university open days

University open days open doors

When universities hold their open days, you'll notice! Posters on buses and bus stops, banners on the street, billboards going to the sky and back. Yes, universities and colleges are extremely keen to meet students and parents alike. And, they’ve got plenty to show off. But, it can be quite... read more →
Jun 21
Start with passion, start true.

Four things to help your teenager make great career decisions

here’s a unique pressure that comes for teenagers when they choose pathways for the final years of high school. All future happiness seems to hang on these decisions and parents (and their children) often feel inadequate and under-informed. The premise I work with is: learn more about yourself; learn... read more →
Mar 19

Career advice to support your Year 10 student …

Towards the end of Term 2 and into Term 3, Year 10 students will be making subject choices for years 11 and 12. It's a key time for career decision making. The key career advice for Year 10 students from educators and career counsellors is: choose relevant subjects for the course... read more →
Jul 24
Jun 18

Careers expos – 8 tips to get the most out of your day

Career expos are a great opportunity to gather a stack of career and study information at one event. They differ from university and college open days in that there can be hundreds of exhibitors. It sounds good but parents and young people often come away more confused than before they... read more →
Jul 01

What DO you want be when you grow up?*

ou’re probably completely frustrated by the inevitable “what do you want to be when you grow up?” conversations.* But, step back, take a breath, and think through some strategies for getting career decision making right. It goes like this: learn more about yourself; learn more about the world of... read more →
Jun 27
Advice for creative people

Creative at work

ou know it's what you want to do. All the doubters are ready to shoot your ideas down, but you're creative to the core, and ready to do everything that it takes to build a career and work on the thing you love most. In my work as a... read more →
Jan 31
Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd – volunteer!

What's not to love about volunteering? From participating in the 40 Hour Famine and Red Shield Door Knock Appeal in high school, to Sports Coaching, to helping out in an after school program, opportunities to volunteer are endless. According to Volunteering Australia most people volunteer to help others and to benefit... read more →
Dec 16

School to work to where?

Leaving school and getting your career underway can be daunting. Everyone is talking about their plans for university, for study, to travel, to work, and you’re feeling just a little lost. Here's my six tips to get you back on track and be more confident as you get your career underway.... read more →
Dec 15
Start with passion, start true.

Your career starts now!

HSC is over. Big decisions await. Courses and career decisions. Opportunities coming your way. And, truth is, no matter what your ATAR, your results, you do have a future ahead of you. It's time to make plans that will get you heading into the right direction, for you. There's thing called career... read more →